miami everglades tourHello and welcome to Everglades Airboat Expeditions. We are a small family run company offering private guided tours of the Florida Everglades. Our airboats are comfortable and can accommodate up to 12 people. They are the perfect size for family or group outings.

Our family and captains are natives of South Florida going back over 100 years. Our captains are expert gladesmen with years of experience navigating and exploring the millions of acres that make up the Florida Everglades.

Nine different ecosystems span an area just under 2 million acres. Each one, uniquely different, from Rock Pinelands to fresh water sloughs are home to a multitude of wildlife and beautiful flora both native and exotic.

There are over 40 different mammals that roam the Everglades including the much endangered Florida Panther. We are home to 360 different bird species, 300 plus fresh water fish species, thousands of insect species, and 50 distinct reptiles including our most famous the American Alligator. The Everglades are also the only place in the world where the American Alligator and the American Crocodile exist side by side.

During the 1800’s it was suggested that the Everglades be drained to create land suitable for agriculture and urban development. In fact most considered the Everglades as nothing more than a pestilent ridden wasteland. It wasn’t until after the turn of the century that plans were finally put into effect that would control the flow of water. 14-hundred miles of canals were dredged which drastically diminished the Everglades by 50% forever changing the landscape. The ongoing battle to control the water has had detrimental effects across all areas, ultimately prompting wildlife conservationists to step in to save these beautiful lands before they were lost forever. Because of these efforts bills have been passed, laws have been put into effect, and millions upon millions of dollars allocated for what has become the lengthiest most costly restoration program in the history of the United States of America.

All of us here at Everglades Airboat Expeditions would like to thank you for your interest in visiting South Florida. Your presence here will ensure the future and survival of the Florida Everglades and all of its inhabitants.

Thank You!

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